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4 signs of a coolant leak

Maintaining the perfect condition for your ford car is not only important but also depends on a variety of factors – one of them being the cooling system. Too much heat can compromise the engine functioning sooner than you expect. The cooling system allows your car to operate at ideal temperature levels for optimum performance. If you spot the following symptoms, the chances are that your coolant has a leak, hence a quick response.

  1. Prolonged overheating of the engine
  2. Presence of white smoke in the exhaust
  3. Presence of bubbles in the radiator
  4. Presence of puddle inside or under your car

If you have observed such symptoms in your vehicle, the most obvious thing to do is find and fix the leak before it causes much engine damage. At TSC Ford Specialist, we have a team of professional mechanics specialized in diesel engine repair. Contact us today, and we’ll be glad to assist.

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