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Is your ford ready for a road-trip

How to maximize gas mileage on your Ford

How you drive, and the maintenance you do on your vehicle makes a difference in how your vehicle consumes fuel. Here are a few tips to help maximize the fuel economy in your Ford. Drive smoothly If you drive aggressively, this can waste fuel. Don’t brake hard and fast, and don’t weave from lane to…
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Brake pads and rotors

Spot these signs that the brakes on your Ford might need repairing

The earlier you can spot such signs, the better it is for safe driving. So, do look out for… Some vibration or shaking of either the brake pedal or the steering wheel should you need to brake hard when driving at speed Your brake pedal sinking right to the vehicle floor; this can also be…
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Tire pressure warning light

What’s with my tire pressure changes?

It gets frustrating when you repeatedly have issues with your tire pressure! No one wants to see a partially deflated tire when walking out to the car or truck or spot the sensor light on the dashboard warning about one or more tires. Loss of tire PSI is a common problem. It can crop up…
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What to do when you break down

The first thing to do if your car overheats

We all know that the first thing to do if your car overheats is to pull to the side of the road and call Ford repair to come take care of it for you. However, what do you do if you are on a mountain road with no emergency lane, or in the middle of…
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2015 Ford pickup TSC Ford Specialist Denver

Why you should always take your Ford to an authorized repair shop

Ford owners know how important regular maintenance is to keep their diesel engine running correctly. Powerstroke diesel engine repair shouldn’t be left to just anyone. When you choose the specialized shop for Ford repair Denver residents rely on, you know you can rest easy. Diesel engine repair shouldn’t be left to someone who doesn’t understand…
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Ford timing belt repair

Four ways to spot that your Ford timing belt might need replacing

Sometimes, a car owner needs to be a bit of a detective, spotting clues to problems before they get worse. This is true regarding timing belts. Here are four of the most common warning signs… NOISE: from ticking to screeching when starting, accelerating or just idling MISFIRES: a slipped belt won’t work as it should,…
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Check engine light repair

Some reasons why your Ford check engine light might be on

It can be a worrying development when your check engine light comes on. There can be a variety of reasons for this to happen. The problem might be located in the head gasket or camshaft and crankshaft sensors. It could be to do with a failure of the catalytic converter or the EGR solenoids. Perhaps…
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Ford pickup TSC Ford Specialist Denver

Are you in a dilemma where to take your Ford vehicle for service?

Every car should be serviced regularly, to diagnose any existing problems you might be unaware of. When you service a vehicle, you can identify any issues potentially affecting the vehicle and have them repaired immediately. You ought to service your Ford car according to the manufacturer’s instructions for its maintenance. Sometimes, people ship their Ford…
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ford diesel repair professionals

The benefits of a diesel engine

Diesel engines are far more long-lasting than gas engines. They can weather higher temperatures and assuming you’ve kept up with basic maintenance, will still be running strong long after a gas engine. Diesel engines do not have spark plugs and require greater compression. This causes diesel engines to run hotter and produce more energy, which…
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Check engine light repair

How To Tell If Your Fuel Pump Is Failing

The fuel pump is responsible for maintaining pressure in your fuel lines so there is a constant flow of fuel to the engine. If you’re experiencing a loss of power while driving, this is because the engine is receiving less fuel then the steady stream that is required. A misfiring engine that causes your car…
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AC and heater diagnosis and repair

Stay cool this summer with an AC system diagnosis

The hottest summer months are upon us; cool breezes have been replaced by flamin’ hot temperatures. And the only thing protecting your sanity during your commute is your precious air conditioning system. But like everything else in life, nothing is guaranteed. One day your AC may just bottom out and put you in a sweaty,…
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Ford company logo

The Ford Bronco 4×4 Returns in 2020

TSC Ford Specialist and all Ford enthusiasts are excited to hear the news that the Ford Bronco 4×4 is officially coming back and gracing us all with its much-missed presence. It has been out of production since 1996, and all the hype on what this beefy truck will look like has everyone buzzing. Ford has…
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