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Ford battery replacement in Denver Colorado

Signs your Ford needs a new car battery

Many car owners ignore the simple signs that indicate their vehicle needs repair. To avoid problems related to delayed maintenance, you should know when it’s time to take your car to the mechanic. Here are some signs your Ford requires a new battery: Your Ford car engine won’t crank Your car battery is old (make…
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Ford diesel power stroke repair professionals

Why Ford owners should stick to Ford-certified repair specialists

A great car is only as good as its maintenance. Car owners would agree. Ford vehicles require a keen eye during repair, and this can only be offered by a Ford repair expert. Ford vehicles are quite unique from other vehicle brands. An example of their uniqueness is their Powerstroke Diesel engine. TSC Ford Specialist…
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Factory scheduled maintenance for Ford cars and trucks Denver

Signs your Ford engine is failing

Your Ford’s engine should be fixed as soon as you notice any problems. However, how do you know if there’s something wrong with your vehicle? Here are some signs of a damaged Ford engine. Your car is making strange noises The engine light in your vehicle turns on Your car leaves behind oil patches while…
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Ford inspections for your new car

What to do if your Ford engine overheats

Ford cars, like most vehicles, need careful maintenance and repair techniques. In case of any damages to your Ford, it is necessary to seek out help from a professional. There are various ways you can handle the overheating of your Ford engine. If your Ford engine overheats while driving, pull over, and do the following:…
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Ford exhaust repair TSC Ford Specialist

Is your Ford ‘exhausted’ this festive season?

The exhaust system in your Ford vehicle vents harmful gasses, such as carbon monoxide, which helps to protect both driver and passengers. But there’s one key sign to look for, especially at this season of the year, that suggests it might be struggling to function effectively. The sign is rust. Particularly in our often snow…
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What to do when you see a check engine light

Four simple signs of catalytic converter problems

It’s possible that your car might become clogged or start to fail. It doesn’t happen often but should be quickly fixed if it does. As a guide, here are four possible signs of this problem with your Ford… A loss of power to your engine A rattling sound while your engine is idling A sulfur-like…
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Ford inspections for your new car

Quickly spotting Ford timing belt problems

If your timing belt fails, then this can lead to serious problems, so it’s good to be aware of symptoms to watch out for. These include… A major misfire in your engine – never ignore this as costly damage can quickly increase Noise – from a horrible screech down to a ticking sound when your…
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ford diesel repair professionals

Help! The heater in my truck ain’t working!

With our achingly cold Colorado winters, this is a shout-out you never want to make. The problem might be some debris causing a blockage, a line leak, the blend door could be stuck, or a valve might have become congested. If cold air is blasting out the vents, this might be due to a lack…
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Expert ford mechanics in denver co

Healthy fuel injectors, healthy Ford vehicles

Fuel injectors are key to keeping your Ford performing optimally. Injectors pressurize fuel and drive it through a fixed or electronic aperture, which is then sprayed into your engine’s manifold. Over time, build-up from the burning fuel can clog the aperture, decreasing the injector’s ability to deliver the highly pressurized fuel. This can lead to…
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Truck repair TSC Ford Specialist Denver Colorado

Signs of a vacuum leak

A vacuum leak occurs when the vacuum system in your Ford allows air that is not metered into the engine. Unmetered air causes an inappropriate amount of fuel to be released into the engine, causing the vehicle to run on lean. A vacuum leak can cause severe engine damage. Several signs indicate a vacuum leak,…
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Ford inspections for your new car

4 signs of a coolant leak

Maintaining the perfect condition for your ford car is not only important but also depends on a variety of factors – one of them being the cooling system. Too much heat can compromise the engine functioning sooner than you expect. The cooling system allows your car to operate at ideal temperature levels for optimum performance.…
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What to do when you break down

Your Ford won’t start? It could be one of these reasons

You’ve planned your road trip or commute, and you are just about to hit the road. You’ve placed your ignition key, but nothing is happening! Well, if you find yourself in such conditions, the chances are that your car has the following problems. Dead battery This is the most common reason why your car won’t…
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