TSC Ford Specialist, Englewood Colorado

At TSC Ford Specialist in Englewood, we know how much drivers across the Denver metro rely on their brakes for safety. That’s why we offer expert brake repairs on all Ford cars, trucks, SUVs and minivans. Our ASE certified technicians will find any fix any problem with your vehicle’s drum or disc brakes. We also perform complete ABS (anti-lock brake systems) diagnosis and repair.

TSC Ford Specialist offers these brake services and more:

  • Brake pads and shoe replacement
  • Rotor and drum machining
  • Brake boosters and hydro boost repair
  • Brake fluid testing and flushing
  • Brake hoses repair
  • Brake system bleeding
  • Master cylinders, wheel cylinders, and calipers


Ford brake pads and shoe replacement Colorado

For help with Ford brake repairs, give us a call to schedule your appointment.

Common Signs You Need Ford Brake Repairs

Don’t wait until your brakes start failing to come in for repairs. Keep an eye out for these signs.

  • Vibrating or shaking in the steering wheel or brake pedal occurs when hard-braking at high speeds. If it persists, it could be rotor issues caused by rust damage, warping, or driving with worn out brake pads.
  • Loud grinding, screeching or squealing sounds when you push in the brake pedal. This is usually the sign of fully worn out brake shoes or pads – at this point, your brakes are metal on metal and need repair.
  • A brake pedal sinking to the floor often goes along with the loud, metal on metal sound just mentioned. The parts involved are typically the disc and the caliper, and the grinding will then cause rotor problems.
  • Difficulty braking or a spongy pedal indicate imminent failure and require brake repairs asap. Your Ford could be leaking brake fluid internally or externally, but will eventually lead to no braking power.
  • A burning smell coming from your brakes is never a good sign and should not be ignored, even if the smell goes away when the car cools down. It may be an easy fix like adjusting your brake pads or calipers.