If you are contemplating a Brighton Ford F150 truck repair then your only option should be the specialists at TSC Ford Specialist. They are the unbeatable leaders in the industry for all makes and models of Ford vehicles and Ford F150 truck repair is what they excel at. Let them get to work on providing you the most extensive diagnostic testing with certified technicians and mechanics that know all there is to know on the subject of Ford F150 truck repair and service. You will only get an honest and reliable service at TSC Ford Specialist, because we care about what we do for our clients.

TSC Ford Specialist is a family run business that helps our clients keep the best running Ford vehicles around and because we know how important a proper functioning car or truck is. We know how you depend on us keeping your vehicle in top running condition and you can count on us every time you walk through our doors for affordable prices, unbeatable customer service and the best service men and woman in the area. We are open Monday to Friday and we will do our best to schedule you in promptly for your repair. Call today, you’ll be glad you did.

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