At TSC Ford Specialist we are your first choice for an Englewood Ford F150 truck repair because we operate with precision and care and most importantly extreme knowledge of the inner workings of your vehicle. Our superb team of mechanics and ASE technicians our some of the best in the area and they take pride in giving you the best service possible on your Ford F150 truck repair and any other Ford makes of vehicles you may drive. Why would you take your vehicle anywhere else? We are certain you will be confident in our expert team of qualified personnel and experienced team of professionals.

TSC Ford Specialist is exactly what their name suggest, specialists, and a family run business that offers a huge full service menu such as brake repair, engine rebuilds, clutch systems, fluid changes and much, much more. Call us to schedule your next regular maintenance service, factory warranty or Ford F150 truck repair. We always get the job done accurately and you can rest assured with our guaranteed work. We look forward to meeting you in person and servicing your vehicle today. Call us today at TSC Ford Specialist and be confident in this great service center for all your Ford needs.

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