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Finding A Ford Repair Shop

Finding a good auto repair shop to work on your car is something every car owner goes through. Not only does the repair shop need ASE certified technicians but it also needs the proper diagnostic equipment. You can ask your friends, co-workers or you c an bring your vehicle to TSC Ford Specialist in Englewood. As the name suggests, we specialize in all makes and models of Ford, be it your big pickup truck for work, or your CMax for getting around the Denver area. Our technicians have the knowledge and expertise to back everything we do, and we just made your job of finding a mechanic for your Ford that much easier.

Here are some of the qualities you will want to look for when finding the right mechanic for your Ford:

  1. Credentials and Qualifications

As with any mechanic you search for, you will definitely want them to have some knowledge and education when it comes to working on the intricate motors of a Ford vehicle. Ford engines have a lot of diesel and power stroke parts that differ from just regular engines, so finding a mechanic that has been trained with the most up to date technology by Ford will be your better option in the long run. Don’t be intimidated to ask to see their qualification or how much experience they have working on a specific type of engine. An ASE certified and manufacturer certified mechanic shop should be your first check on your list of to do’s. Due diligence will pay off in the end.

  1. Ask Around

Word of mouth is a great way to find a Ford mechanic that you can trust. Chances are if your friends or family suggest them, they are satisfied with the results, and you will be too. Be thorough with your questions as to how they were treated and how the job was performed, and if the work held up.

  1. Ask Questions

When you think you have found the right shop and mechanic, have the following list of questions ready:

  • How many years have you been in business? Or years of experience?
  • Do you guarantee your work?
  • Do you offer any warranties?
  • What kind of parts do you use OEM? New, used or aftermarket?
  • Do they specialize in Ford?
  • Do they offer free estimates?
  • Do they provide a loaner car while yours is being looked at?
  • What are the labor rates?
  • What are the payment policies?
  • Can you provide parts?
  1. Internet Search

To find the right mechanic for your Ford, check out some repair shops online in your area, read the reviews, see if they are approved by the Better Business Bureau, and Consumer Reports and have all their certifications and qualifications in order. Also, see if they specialize in Ford repairs and service.

  1. Convenience

You are more likely to be satisfied with a repair shop that is close to where you live or work. So, be sure to weed out the ones that are just too out of the way for a quick service or repair. You are far more likely to be frustrated or delayed by a long overdue oil change or transmission service, which could be detrimental.

  1. Price and Service

Be sure that the repair shop has competitive pricing, is clean and treats you well from the moment you walk in. You will be forming an ongoing relationship for the entire time you own your vehicle, as well as your friends and family, so why not make it a pleasant and affordable one also?

  1. Dealership vs. Independent Shop

This is a personal issue, but most dealerships are quite overpriced and overbooked with appointments. By all means, if you have a warranty that specifies it must be performed at the dealership, then do so, but most people will agree that an independent shop such as TSC Ford Specialist will offer more of what you are looking for in the long run.

  1. Proper Equipment

As stated before, Ford trucks have some pretty technical components involved in their engines, so if your repair shop does not have the precise diagnostic machines to give them quick answers on mechanical issues, you should steer clear from there. Ford based software with all the latest techniques is what you are seeking to find when speaking with your mechanic.

  1. Scope the Place Out

If you think you found a great Ford shop, go in and check it out. Are customers happy? Is it organized and clean? Do they have a nice waiting area? Maybe take your vehicle in when you know there is nothing wrong with it, and have them inspect it. If they come back with a list of things wrong, you should see this as a red flag and walk out the door.

  1. No Pressure

This, of course, is another red flag. If you don’t get an overall good feeling from the shop, or they are pressuring you into getting repairs that seem outrageous, then walk the other way. Let’s face it; you won’t be satisfied in the end.

Finding the right mechanic for your Ford is not an easy task, but once you do, hopefully, they will be around for some time, and you can form a great relationship with them and the company they work for. The importance of protecting your vehicle investment and safety while driving is evident, so for the time it takes to research a repair shop that is perfect for you, you will definitely see the positive. TSC Ford Specialist is also a family run business that cares about each and every person that walks through our doors as if they were part of our own family. That is a wonderful feeling.

It is not really about how to find the right mechanic for your Ford, what it really boils down to, is what company provides the most skilled employees, has fair prices, excellent customer service and satisfaction, clean service bays, and convenience when booking. TSC Ford Specialist is a great place to start when answering those questions, and we are sure you will agree that our way of doing business will make you take notice. Call today to schedule your service or repair.

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