Ford, aiming for pickup fuel economy crown, preps diesel-powered F-150

It seems like Ford is at it again and aiming for the pickup fuel economy crown and is prepping the diesel-powered F-150. When the newly designed F-150 arrived in late 2014, the fuel economy ratings were rather disappointing to a number of customers and analysts who expected the lightweight truck to be the most fuel efficient in the whole bunch. The most fuel-efficient F-150, powered by a 2.7-liter V-6 carries great mileage ability. The Ram Eco Diesel has been a huge success and carried a 29 mpg highway rating. The diesel-powered Range Rover gives good indications of the power and fuel economy an F-150 with the same engine would offer, while the Range Rover Sport carries an EPA fuel economy rating of 22 city/29 highway with an eight-speed automatic. Ford could easily sell around 45,000 diesel-powered F-150s per year and says the F-150 has been the top-selling vehicle for 34 years and most sought after truck for 39 years.

Ford offers a wide range of engines in the F-150, from EcoBoost to V-8 with compressed natural gas and propane possibilities which help accommodate almost every type of truck lover out there depending on their needs and desires. TSC Ford Specialist is a place that knows all about these tough trucks and what their customers are looking for which in most cases is power first and foremost,  followed by fuel economy. There is only so much that can be changed at one time and Ford went first and will now completely own the market with EcoBoost and diesel combined with the best fuel economy hopefully to date. Be sure to check out some of this great information with the experts at TSC Ford Specialist to get an idea of just how lightweight, efficient, powerful and affordable these trucks are. 

With its extremely lightweight, but tough aluminum body, the diesel F-150 could put the Duramax diesel-powered Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon for gas savers at the pumps, according to many. Clearly, anyone can see that it makes perfect sense for Ford to do a diesel gas saver. If Ford can get the F-150 to push 30 mpg, it can challenge the Ram Ecodiesel and even the Colorado Duramax. Now that will give some people a run for their money, without a doubt. With Ford aiming for the pickup fuel economy crown, these new Ford preparations for diesel-powered F-150 are set to make a lot of people smile when it comes to getting to where they are going. Talk to TSC Ford Specialist to get all the latest news as well as service, maintenance, parts and more. Ford is in the next wave of the future whether you are ready or not, always ready and waiting to set the bar high. We all love to save money and have a truck that helps us do that, so be sure to see what is on the horizon for the next 2017 year that awaits; Ford is sure to deliver the best goods.

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