TSC Ford Specialist, Englewood Colorado

Does your Ford need tune up services? Come to TSC Ford Specialist in Englewood for bumper to bumper maintenance on your Ford car, truck, SUV or minivan. TSC Ford Specialist tune-up services include:

  • Check oil, coolant and other fluids
  • Check and replace spark plugs/wires
  • Check and replace air filter, cabin air filters
  • Replace fuel filter, inspect fuel pump
  • Adjust timing and idle
  • Inspect tires, brakes and alignment
  • Inspect fuel and exhaust system
  • Check distributor cap and rotor
  • PCV valve and filter

Back in the day,tune-ups required mechanics to manually adjust Ford engine components, get in there and really tinker with things. Now, most of these parts and systems are controlled by computer. But that doesn’t mean you can completely skip this valuable service. Regular tune-ups and maintenance ensure optimal performance and catch small problems before they turn into major issues.

Ford Tune-Up with Air Filter Replacement

For expert Ford tune-up services, give us a call to schedule your appointment.

What’s Included with Ford Tune-Up Services

Along with inspections and minor adjustments, the tune-up will typically include the following services.

  • Based on the recommendations in your owner’s manual, inspecting and replacing spark plugs is a key piece of the tune-up. The spark plug wires set will also need to be replaced regularly.
  • The rotor and distributor cap are usually made of plastic. With Colorado freeze and thaw cycles, cracks can develop and the plastic weaken. Replacing them can help prevent engine misfires.
  • Dirt and dust can destroy an engine, making air filter replacement during tune-up services vital to protecting your engine. If you drive dirt roads frequently, this needs to happen more often.
  • Clean oil keeps your engine parts properly lubricated, making oil filter changes important. This prevents rust, soot and solid contaminants from getting into the oil and causing harmful friction.
  • The PCV valve directs harmful gases into your exhaust system for transformation into non-toxic fumes. Clogged filters hamper this process. Sludge build up and oil breakdown are also common, so replacement may be needed.