TSC Ford Specialist, Englewood Colorado

While more people are moving towards an automatic transmission, TSC Ford Specialist in Englewood is more than happy to provide services to manual clutch loyalists. If you’re having issues, our ASE certified technicians will diagnose, repair and if needed, completely replace the manual clutch on your Ford car, truck or SUV. At TSC, we only use OEM parts and will restore your clutch to Ford factory specifications.

TSC Ford Specialist offers manual clutch replacement services covering the:

  • Flywheel
  • Clutch Disc
  • Clutch Cover Plate
  • Pressure Plate
  • Clutch Cylinders
  • Clutch Pedal
  • Bearings & Hardware
Clutch repair and replacement Denver Ford

For help with a Ford manual clutch replacement, give us a call to schedule your appointment.

Common Problems in Ford Manual Clutch Systems

Your manual clutch typically gives you plenty of hints that it’s time for either repairs or replacement.

Trouble Getting into Gear

A healthy manual clutch will allow you to slide through the gears like a knife through butter. If there’s shaking or you’re having to use brute force to engage a gear you may need to replace your manual clutch. Typically, trouble starts with reverse or first gear, so be aware when shifting.

Slipping Out of Gear

Get your clutch checked and repaired if you experience the reverse of the above problem. Slipping out of gear can happen when powering up hills or rapidly accelerating, anything that gives your vehicle reason to work hard. If it happens frequently or is accompanied by jerking, come see us.

Burning Rubber Smell

If the clutch plate becomes overheated, usually do to riding the clutch, you’ll notice a distinct burning rubber smell and even a bit of smoke coming from underneath your Ford vehicle. Even without the smoke, this is not an issue to ignore, so give us a call or stop by for an inspection.

Physical Clutch Damage

If you know your way around your car or truck, open up the housing cover and visually inspect the clutch and its components. Light black dust is nothing to worry about, but real signs of trouble should be pretty obvious – gouges, scratches, missing or loose pieces and any other physical damage.