Do you need a Ford diesel repair in Englewood today? Why not go to TSC Ford Specialist? Here you will find quality parts, service and a custom shop that can handle all your tough Ford diesel repair needs. We specialize in these types of repairs and our reputation depends on our precision and knowledge of all makes and models of Fords. We are certain you will be impressed with our certified ASE technicians and front end staff who will always get you the service you deserve and a Ford diesel repair that is like nothing you have ever had before, we guarantee it.

TSC Ford Specialist is a family owned and operated business that has been around for a long time. Let them service your vehicle or repair today and get fast answers and quality work, with affordability too. Our service menu can be found on our website and includes all the same great services that a large dealership offers. Whether you need a factory warranty, extended warranty, brakes, clutch, or electrical, timing belts, major engine work or just some good old fashioned advice, we got it. Schedule your appointment today at TSC Ford Specialist, because when you have the specialists you are always safe.

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