Ford F-150 Named Official Truck of the NFL

Ford F-150 Named Official Truck of the NFLAt TSC Ford Specialists, we were happy to hear the Ford F-150 named official truck of the NFL. This deal comes on the heels of the GMC Sierra ending its sponsorship in late 2014. Going forward, the NFL and Ford will put an emphasis on fans and players that show their toughness, intelligence and determination both on the field and off the field. This will give fans some great perks and access to games and certain events, as well as major recognition for its players.

It only makes sense that with the toughest group of men in the toughest sport in America, comes the toughest official truck of the NFL. Ford kicked off its partnership as Official Truck of the NFL in New York last week by giving big fans an opportunity to order Built Ford Tough Tailgate Trucks On Demand through Uber, delivering tailgate food, tickets, and merchandise by the all-new Ford F-Series Super Duty.

Ford will also be offering up its Built Ford Tough Tailgate Tour to fans at NFL games around the country. This is an outstanding time for fans and the sport of football. NFL fans can enter to win the Built Ford Tough Toughest Ticket sweepstakes also, for a chance to win two tickets to the Super Bowl, plus an all-new 2017 Ford F-Series Super Duty customized to highlight their most desired NFL team. This new F-150 series has been a top contender for over 39 years in the industry and is Fords toughest, capable and intelligent built pickup truck ever.

Winners will be announced each week on Tuesday, following Monday Night Football. Then, at the end of a year, one offensive line will be chosen from the 32 NFL teams as the “Built Ford Tough Offensive Line of the Year” at the yearly NFL honors presentation.

It’s exciting to see Ford and the NFL kick off a great season with amazing incentives for the fans and their country’s sport of football. The fact that the Ford F-150 named official truck of the NFL is a great reason to get your tickets. Grab some friends, a cold beer, some popcorn and get ready to be entertained by not only the toughest teams in the country but some of the nicest looking and toughest trucks out there.

TSC Ford Specialist will be watching the events as well, and we’re always ready to answer the questions you may have regarding the Ford F-150 or any other makes and models of Ford vehicles that you may be interested in buying.

Already a Ford F-150 owner? Let our experts support and help you maintain a fine specimen of a truck, whether you need a basic tune-up or want to get it back into shape because of a breakdown. We have the best technicians, a clean service shop, and knowledgeable staff. Everyone loves the excitement and game of football, and the Ford F-150 named official truck of the NFL, is an honor indeed.

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