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Ford Maintenance

TSC Ford Specialist Denver ColoradoIt doesn’t take a ton of effort to ensure that your Ford remains a reliable and well-functioning truck. In fact, TSC Ford Specialist can help you out in that equation by offering exceptional customer service by Ford trained technicians that know their stuff. Read on for some interesting tips.

Routine Services

This is probably the most important aspect of caring for your Ford Powerstroke diesel engine to get the most out of it. Diesel engines are susceptible to neglect, and just adding additives or aftermarket products won’t cut it. Be sure to visit TSC Ford Specialist on all routine maintenance dates, especially if you are towing heavy items often, idling often or in heavy traffic.

Synthetic Oil

Make the switch to synthetic motor oil;  it is superior to conventional oil in many ways, other than price, which is often higher. Synthetic oil is resilient to breakdown, helping to maximize engine protection between oil changes.

Oil Additive for Stiction

Stiction is the result of oil break-down and the build-up of carbon deposits within an HEUI injector; it also causes misfires and hard starts. Remember, don’t use just any oil additive; popular additives specifically designed to combat stiction are best.

Change Fuel Filters

Caring for your Ford Powerstroke Diesel engine means that fuel filters and water separators need to be changed and drained every 15,000 miles.

Use Quality Fuel Additives

It is recommended to use a fuel additive that increases the cetane rating of diesel and provides lubrication to the fuel system; there are many quality, affordable brands on the market as well.

Drive it Fast

Occasionally it is a good idea to use your variable geometry turbocharger that is in most Ford Powerstroke diesels. Over time, soot accumulates on the vanes, restricting their movement. Get the engine warm, drive it wide open for a few short bursts and everything should loosen up.

Excessive Idling

This is not a good thing, as it contributes to fuel dilution. Excessive fuel dilution is cause for concern as it modifies the properties of the engine oil. If it is cold, it may be necessary to let the motor idle for up to 10 minutes before driving, warmer conditions you can get away with 2 to 3 minutes. Never put a load on a cold engine.

Service the EGR Valve

Every other oil change should suffice. When the EGR valve clogs, fuel economy and performance suffer and can cause an engine to run hotter than normal, this could lead to head gasket issues.

Cool It Down

It is important to idle for at least 30 seconds before shutting off the engine, which will give the turbocharger an opportunity to cool, preventing oil from cooking once the engine is shut down and oil stops circulating through the turbocharger.

It is good to know some of these helpful tips when caring for your Ford Powerstroke diesel engine, and having a great company like TSC Ford Specialist to help with all your services will make the longevity of your truck worthwhile. Call us today to schedule your next maintenance service, repair, or just some good old fashioned advice from experts who love what they do.

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