Ford Plans to Focus on Trucks and SUVs

Ford Plans to Focus on Trucks and SUVs TSC Ford Specialist DenverAt TSC Ford Specialist, we know the ins and outs of what makes your Ford vehicles run efficiently and reliably, so as Ford plans to focus on trucks and SUVs, we are interested to know what they have in store for us! It seems like every year, something better, smarter, more fuel efficient, but still, Ford-tough comes our way. Here is some of the latest on what we can expect from this great company in the years moving forward.

It seems like there may be a shift in what consumers want to drive; more and more families are looking for larger vehicles with more cargo space and beefier, go-anywhere-the-road-takes-you attitude. But, there is also the environmentally conscious side as well, which seems to be going in the direction of partial or full battery-operated vehicles. People want to do right by the environment, save energy, money, and make a better future for their families and next generations, so naturally, Ford wants to deliver on these requests.

Chief Executive Jim Hackett’s has stated that Ford plans to focus on trucks and SUVs, putting approximately 7 billion dollars into the market for the coming months by outlining his strategy to investors and analysts. He is hoping to accomplish speedier action to increase capital in fast-growing regions of the country and a future of electric vehicles and automated cars. Part of this money will go towards the Ford plans to focus on trucks and SUVs, reintroducing the Ranger pickup truck and Bronco SUV in North America, The automaker alos plans on introducing the next-generation Focus car to China, according to Ford.

Hackett wishes to update factories and speed product development and decision-making. One of the first things he has accomplished was to pare down the number of people reporting to him. Hackett has eight direct reports from his colleagues, compared to 18 for the former CEO Fields, and feeling a sense of urgency, due to investors and anticipating public, Hackett has already traveled to Turkey, Russia, and  North American plants as well as Ford’s Silicon Valley research center as part of his review.

Ford is also open to new relationships such as its recent agreement with Mahindra to cooperate on mobility, electric cars, and other projects. Also of interest is the ride-hailing company Lyft who thrives on self-driving technology as well as China’s Zotye Automobile who could be a possible electric car partnership connection, too. While some investors have been critical of Ford’s tardiness in bringing a long-range electric vehicle and the autonomous cars to the market, Ford seems to understand the demand, but won’t make hasty decisions until they are ready and confident.

Moving forward on what to expect, a portion, about 1/3 of the gas and diesel engines will also make a shift into cars that run on partial or full batteries, and another 4.5 billion in 2020 to expand on electric vehicles. We can also look forward to a reduction in the number of configurations in which its vehicles are built. As an example, the Fusion sedan car can currently be ordered in 35,000 different configurations. But Ford will eventually reduce that to just 96 variants as well as a  production development time of about 20 percent that will amp up the use of robotics, 3D printing, and virtual reality to design and engineer upcoming vehicles. That is something to get excited about!

Hopefully, automotive overhead will be reduced by 50 percent by the year 2022. The company is targeting $10 billion in increment material cost reductions and reducing engineering costs by $4 billion the from planned levels, over the next five years by increasing use of standard parts within its full line of vehicles. This will have a great impact on ordering complexity and building of fewer prototypes for the future.

Ford’s earlier commitment to deliver 13 new electric vehicles in the next five years, is something most of us can be excited about when looking towards the future. These will include the F-150 Hybrid, Mustang Hybrid, Ford Police Responder Hybrid Sedan,  Transit Custom plug-in hybrid, an autonomous vehicle hybrid, and a fully electric SUV in a smaller size. The options are innovative and futuristic, no doubt, but there is still not much information out on what these new vehicles will offer.

Some people like change, some people don’t want to change a thing. Given that Ford has such a long-loved reputation for being one of the best manufacturers of trucks, SUVs, and cars out there, it is safe to say, that change is inevitable in this day and age. Whether we like it or not, Ford will try to please all customers involved by offering the tried and true, built tough 4x4s, with a twist on technology and ideas to make everyone happy and hopefully save money in the long run with better fuel consumption and environmental concerns.

Ford Motor Company has been the world’s largest family-owned business since 1902, with manufacturing plants clear across the globe. The F-series trucks are the best selling trucks in the U.S.A. today, and being the second-ranked automaker for the past 56 years definitely has its prestige. When it comes to trucks and SUVs, the company understands what people want in an everyday work or pleasure vehicles, which is why Ford plans to focus on trucks and SUVs.

The future for Ford can only go in one direction, and that is up. TSC Ford Specialist is looking forward to the lineup of SUVs and trucks that will soon be made available to the public.

Now that Ford plans to focus on trucks and SUVs, this is something all of us can take notice of. TSC Ford Specialist is just as excited about the opportunity to help Ford trucks gain the trust and respect they have always had, by offering superior services for all your maintenance needs, concerns and advise. Our competent, trained and qualified technicians always have the latest education and knowledge to ensure you are getting the best Ford service, period. Stop by today for an honest opinion on what Ford has in store, or schedule your next maintenance service on any of your Ford family vehicles.

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