TSC Ford Specialist, Englewood Colorado

Looking to join the community of Ford vehicle owners? If you plan on buying a used Ford truck, car, SUV or minivan, first bring it to TSC Ford Specialist in Englewood for a pre-sale inspection.

Our experienced ASE certified technicians will run a complete diagnostic service to give you an accurate look at its condition and value. If we find any problems, you’ll be able to make an informed decision and use the repair estimate we provide to potentially negotiate a better price. And of course, you can then come back and let us get your Ford ready for years of enjoyment.

Use the drop-downs below to see everything that a Ford vehicle inspection service includes.


Ford vehicle inspections Denver
Engine & Mechanicals
  • Testing of doors, hoods, hatchback
  • Testing of all lights and signals
  • Signs of rust on body or under vehicle
  • Windshield chips and hail damage
  • Scratches, dents, dings and poor bodywork
  • Matching paint on all panels
  • Visual check of wheel wells and bearings
  • Suspension check – car bounce, vehicle level
  • Check tire tread, wear and signs of damage
  • Lingering smoke, food, even mold odors
  • Sunroof and windows are properly sealed
  • Pedals for rubber wear and function
  • Trunk inspected for odors, leaks, water damage
  • Testing of front and back seats for function
  • Heater, air conditioner, vents, and other dash controls
  • Sound system controls and speakers for blowouts
  • All upholstery, header and dash for stains, cracking
  • If applicable, convertible roof checked for tears
Engine & Mechanicals
  • Hoses and belts checked for cracks, useful life left
  • Inspection of engine oil for sludge or other issues
  • Battery condition and charging capacity
  • Transmission fluid checked for proper color and smell
  • Checks for cloudy, rusty or milky radiator fluid/coolant
  • Signs of leaks, rust or other issues under vehicle
  • Tailpipe inspected for greasy residue of burnt oil
  • All components inspected for tightness of connections
  • Fuel tank checked for rust, damage or dents
  • Visual check for welding seams, fresh undercoating