Happy 100th Birthday to the Ford Pickup Truck

Happy 100th Birthday to the Ford Pickup TruckTSC Ford Specialist loves a great celebration, and we are proud to say Happy 100th Birthday to the Ford pickup truck which has been America’s top selling truck. Most people know just how great these trucks are, but in honor of turning 100, we want to remind people why the Ford pickup truck is hands down, one of the best!

In 1917, the first Model TT truck was rolled out, compliments of Henry Ford. This rugged truck was meant to assist farmers mostly, but he would have never predicted how everyday Americans would fall in love with this style of vehicle, and the love affair continues today. It’s hard to believe that this truck cost only $600 back then.

The Ford F series truck has been a best seller for over 35 years and is still climbing.

The F-series pickup truck emerged in 1948, arriving at a crucial time as Ford introduced the first all-new vehicles developed after the war. This vehicle was modern and stylish, and this is also where the F-series name was born, including the F1 and F-100 that would remain in use for decades. In 1975, the F-150 arrived. In 1999, the Super Duty truck made its way into the hearts of Americans, and although intended for heavy jobs around the farm or work site, people started using them for pleasure use as well, and they account for about 1/3 of the F-series truck sales.

Throughout this period, Ford trucks started looking less utilitarian, it had two-tone paint, automatic transmissions, and improved on the heater and radio options. The F-11 in 1953 debuted new standard features including armrests, dome lights, and sun visors. The shape was longer with a wider cab, and the new truck featured integrated front fenders with a more aerodynamic design.

Fords innovation is unbeatable without a doubt, and let’s not forget about the Twin I-beam front suspension, which began in 1961, followed by the SuperCab in 1974, and the well-loved F-150 a year later. Ford trucks come with all sorts of extras like EcoBoost engines, 10-speed automatic, Drive Mode selector and so much more. And remember the Ford F-150 Raptor and Ranger Wildtrak? These were considered the biggest and baddest trucks on our roads today.

As the sayings go, “Ford is responsible for putting the world on wheels,” “built Ford tough,” “helped build America,” “keep on truckin,” and that is why people love their Ford trucks. These vehicles have moved more people, families, loads, and equipment than we will ever know!

So, what does the future hold for these trucks? Well, there is no doubt we will probably see some hybrid technology coming our way soon. And Fords unique cutting edge innovative designs are always brewing up something even more sleek, powerful and sexy for all who adore the Ford truck… we just have to wait and see!

From TSC Ford Specialist and all the happy Ford families out there, Happy 100th Birthday to the Ford pickup truck, may you have even more longevity and happy customers in the next 100 years. And be sure to visit us at TSC Ford Specialist for all your repair and maintenance needs when you purchase one of these trucks because as our name states, we are the specialists in everything Ford.

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