Is your ford ready for a road-trip

How to maximize gas mileage on your Ford

How you drive, and the maintenance you do on your vehicle makes a difference in how your vehicle consumes fuel. Here are a few tips to help maximize the fuel economy in your Ford.

  • Drive smoothly

If you drive aggressively, this can waste fuel. Don’t brake hard and fast, and don’t weave from lane to lane.

  • Drive slower

Speeding burns up gas. Once you go over 50 mph, your fuel mileage begins to decrease.

  • Use your A/C only on the highway

The fuel economy of your vehicle decreases when you run the A/C while driving slowly. If possible, only run your air conditioner when you’re driving 55 mph or faster.

  • Combine trips

Making one long trip with several stops is better for your fuel economy than running several short trips at different times.

  • Keep your engine serviced

Making sure that your engine remains tuned up can improve your gas mileage.

  • Properly inflate your tires

When your tires are properly inflated, they handle better, drive safer, and you get better gas mileage. Just be sure not to over-inflate because this can also be a problem.

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