Inspections for your new ford truck

How to properly take care of your Ford truck

Maintaining your Ford Diesel truck is essential to its long-term performance. Keeping your truck at its best can save you money on unexpected and emergency repairs. Here are two tips on how to successfully maintain your vehicle…

‘Preheat the oven’

Starting your engine and letting it heat up to its ideal operating temperature before stepping on the gas ensures that the engine is properly lubricated prior to use.

Keep up to date with your maintenance schedules

Oil, air, and fuel filter changes are important for all cars and especially so for your diesel truck. Do not skip them or wait till they are over-due!

TSC Ford Specialists focus on Ford diesel trucks and can assist you with any diesel engine repair or maintenance work that you might need. If you are in the Denver area then give us a call, we are standing by ready to help!

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