Learn about Ford 7.3 Power stroke problems

Learn about Ford 7.3 Power stroke problemsAt TSC Ford Specialist, that is just what we are, specialists in the field of Ford trucks. We know how these rugged trucks and reliable Ford vehicles function, and it is our duty to inform our clients as well, so they can get the maximum performance and true driving enjoyment. That is why we want you to learn about Ford 7.3 Power stroke problems, so you too can be fully informed and aware of the issues at hand.

TSC Ford Specialist is always here to help rectify the problem to repair and service all your Ford vehicle needs. In the meantime, let us delve into the Ford 7.3 Power stroke problems.

  1. Injection Pressure Regulator Valve: These can stick and seals may get damaged in doing so, also the sensor or wires can get damaged. Locate the IPR Valve, check for loose or damaged wires, check that the nut on the back is tight also. Best to have a professional look at it.
  2. Cam Position Sensor: This can cause the engine to cut out and eventually die, making it not start until it sits or is reset on the batteries. To make sure yours is okay, check if your tachometer moves while cranking. If it does your CMP is good, if not, replace it. The cost is around $24-$70. Be sure to ask for original Ford parts, not generic ones.
  3. Injector Driver Module: Located on driver’s side fender. Water can damage and cause a no start, rough running, or cuts out while revving. Check for damaged wiring, moisture, or water.
  4. Clogged fuel filter: A clogged fuel filter will most likely cause long cranking or a semi-loss of power if the injectors can’t get the fuel they need. Replacing a fuel filter costs approx. $9-$30.
  5. Under Valve Cover Harness Connectors: If and when these come loose, they can cause rough running conditions and will often die and sputter. An easy way to fix this is to look for four connectors on your block/heads that are under the valve covers, unplug them and check for cut wires, loose or burnt connectors, and replace if needed.
  6. Lift pump failure: will cause a no start. One way to rule this out is to check the fuel bowl for fuel before and while cranking. If no fuel is in the fuel bowl, fill the bowl up with clean fuel and replace the pump.
  7. Overheating: This could be related to the radiator, thermostat, water pump, cooling fan or bad coolant.
  8. Injector control pressure sensor: Causes the engine to run, but cuts in and out. Check for oil in the ICP connector. If oil is present, the ICP is bad or on the way out.
  9. Fuel heater: The fuel heater can short out and blow a fuse. Disconnect the fuel heater, replace the fuse, try to restart.

A lot of these issues are easy fixes, and TSC Ford Specialist is just the place to bring your truck in to have it looked at and to learn about Ford 7.3 Power stroke problems. We are here for you, so call or contact us today for your appointment.

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