Ford inspections for your new car

Seven quick clues to consider if you’re buying a used Ford

Be it a used Ford truck, car, SUV or minivan, then here are seven questions worth asking yourself as you take a first look at your potential purchase…

  1. Are there any signs of rust, either on the body or underside?
  2. Any clearly-visible scratches, dents, dings, chips or hail damage?
  3. Does the paint match across every panel?
  4. Are all lights and signal indicators operational?
  5. Is there clear wear, or any sign of damage, on the tires?
  6. Do the doors, hood and hatchback open and closely cleanly?
  7. As a suspension check, is the vehicle standing level?

Of course, even if all the above seem okay, it’s wise to organize an extensive exterior, interior, engine and mechanical pre-purchase inspection. With almost three decades of experience, we believe that our TSC Ford Repair Specialist team is best-placed to carry out yours, before you commit to that expensive purchase. Arrange a check now by calling 303-781-2781…

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