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The Ford Bronco 4×4 Returns in 2020

TSC Ford Specialist and all Ford enthusiasts are excited to hear the news that the Ford Bronco 4×4 is officially coming back and gracing us all with its much-missed presence. It has been out of production since 1996, and all the hype on what this beefy truck will look like has everyone buzzing.

Ford has confirmed that by 2020, you may be driving one of these 6th generation vehicles. This classic SUV has fans all over rendering mock-up versions of what they want this 4X4 to look like, and it’s sweet!

So why did Ford get rid of the Ford Bronco in the first place? Well, the main reason was that it wasn’t going to be profitable, and company would have to have made a significant investment in the platform. Ford was building the ever-popular F-150 at the same time, and people were just more thrilled about the look and feel of the F-150 compared to the Ford Bronco. There were also some safety issues with the Bronco’s high center of gravity and possible liability for “rolling over.” To learn more, you can check out this site for further info on the issues of safety.

The Michigan Assembly Plant (not Mexico, as some have believed) will be responsible for production and design of the new Ford Bronco, and by 2020 I’m sure we will all be more than ready to see what they come up with. Some Ford Bronco enthusiasts have designed unique ideas of what they would LIKE to see. You can check out these versions at Guide Auto Web, Jalopnik, or of course, the many versions that fans have come up with all over the web. But the fact remains, we will just have to wait and see until Ford reveals the new Ford Bronco.

There is no doubt that what we all loved about the Ford Bronco 4×4 was its boxy look, sturdiness, and off-road capabilities. Ford sent out a few teasers at the 2004 North American International Auto Show that showed us all that there might be a new concept in the works, but since then there has not been much on the subject, until now. Hopefully, Ford will keep the front grille look, rounded headlights, and the removable top. As far as what’s under the hood, we can hope for at least a 2.0L inter-cooled turbo diesel 14, 6-speed manual transmission and intelligent 4-wheel drive. Again, these are our hopes and dreams for the future Bronco.

One thing is for certain, the rumors about the Ford Bronco officially coming back are now facts that we can count on by at least 2020, but hopefully sooner. For now, we just have to wait with bated breath and hope for the best.

TSC Ford Specialist is always excited about anything that Ford has in the works, and because the Ford Bronco 4×4 is officially coming back, we have yet another reason to smile. Our team at TSC Ford Specialist look forward to taking care of your Bronco with expert care and maintenance. In the meanwhile, we’ll be sure to keep you updated with any further updates from Ford.

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