Top 5 Ford F150 repair problems

vehicleinspectionAt TSC Ford Specialist we know that vehicles, like anything with mechanical parts, will wear down with time and need some repair at some point, it is just a fact of life. Fortunately, we have the answers to those problems and can rectify the situation quickly. We have found that the most common top 5 Ford F-150 repair problems that people come to us the most with are as follows: 

  1. Rotor Wear and Brake Pads– for obvious reasons this is a big deal, no one wants to be left without brakes or failing brakes, especially when hauling heavy loads. Listen for any noise, such as grinding, squeaking or anything odd; this is an indication that you may need to check the pad for wear. We also will check the rotors at this time to ensure they do not defect in any way. If you do have them replaced, it is always wise to break them in gently in the beginning.
  1. Ignition Coil Failure due to Spark Plug Gap– in most cases, the check engine light will illuminate to warn you of this failure. You may feel a sputtering and engine misfiring at the time. Be sure to call us immediately to replace the failed ignition coils, spark plugs and coil boots. 
  1. Head Gasket Oil Leak– this is a common mechanical issue of a possible oil leak that happens on the passenger side head gasket. If you detect oil is dripping on the starter, then this is a good indication of the problem at hand. We can repair the leak and or replace the head gasket.
  1. Rough Idling of the Engine– there should be no rough engine idling in an F150 truck regardless of how beefy they can be. If you sense this at all, let us check into the situation. An exhaust gas recirculating sensor malfunction will make the valve not close properly, and usually the cause of the problem initially.
  1. Spark Plug Ejection caused by Cylinder Head- this happens to the V8 F150. A spark plug ejected from the cylinder head causes this. The threads of the spark plug hole may become damaged. A recommended repair would be a thread insert repair. However, if covered under warranty, it is best to do a cylinder replacement.

At TSC Ford Specialist we believe that Fords are the toughest trucks out there and these five common problems mentioned above are easily dealt with by our professional team of experts that have the latest training from the factory, certified to the greatest extent. We know how important our customer’s transportation needs are, and that is why we aim to rectify quickly any situation that may arise with your vehicles. We are a full-service shop that is honest and ethical, and we offer a 24 month/24,000-mile warranty on all our work. Getting here is the easy part, and we look forward to your business at TSC Ford Specialist. Call us today.

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