Tire pressure warning light

What’s with my tire pressure changes?

It gets frustrating when you repeatedly have issues with your tire pressure! No one wants to see a partially deflated tire when walking out to the car or truck or spot the sensor light on the dashboard warning about one or more tires.

Loss of tire PSI is a common problem. It can crop up during cold weather or occur due to other underlying issues. Sometimes it’s caused by wheel bead corrosion, especially in magnesium alloy or die-cast aluminum wheels. Tires may have valve stem failures, or simply missing valve caps! Tire bead damage can lead to a poor seal surface on the metal wheel, which lets air leak. Of course, tread punctures from nails or other sharp objects are a possibility, as well. This can happen on the sidewalls, too. Those annoying potholes, especially in the spring, can be the culprit for tire air leakage. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact the experts.

The Ford repair professionals at TSC Ford Specialist in Denver can let you know the cause of your tire pressure changes, fix it, and get you back on the road with safe, fully inflated tires right away.

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